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The struggle is real. How do you...
Get attention in this insane market?

Make normies understand what you do?

Grow your small community into a bustling hub of activity?

Show them how it works?

Hypercube has been solving these issues since 2013.
For new IDOs as well as established titans of the industry.
CEO and founder
Joeri Pross
I've always been a risk taker. Always been attracted to the fringes of society.

I discovered Bitcoin on the Silk Road in 2012 and a few years later I quit my day job as a psych nurse and took on my first crypto marketing clients.

I love the crazy innovation in our industry and how projects have a real chance to change the world.

Let's tell some good stories and build cool shit together.
About the founder
Brands that made the right call.
"Awesome video by @Hypercube_Video.
Thanks! "
CZ - Binance
Adam Simmons, CSO - Radix DLT

"When a user watched one of the videos
Hypercube made for us,
our analytics showed they were
3x more likely to click through to buy XRD."
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