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This video was created to convey what the Binance brand means to us: empowerment, excitement and profitability.


Foleum needed a video that could explain the benefits of blockchain mining in a way that even a layman could understand. Mining for the masses, simplified!


You rarely hear the words "Cybersecurity" and "exciting" in one sentence, so Cloudbric came to us for a video that could truly inspire their viewers.

Brands served
175,000,000 USD
Funds raised

Hypercube helps high-tech projects raise money by building emotional connections with their audiences.

Nothing grabs attention better than a well-crafted story. Our team of writers, directors and artists will take the time to understand your project, and turn it into an effective and beautiful video.

So far, we've helped 180 projects in emerging high technology industries (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Space, Nanotech) raise over $175,000,000.

Hypercube's unique company structure gives you access to the highest-quality talent pool in the world, at a much faster speed and much lower cost than you'd get from other agencies.

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We deliver a draft version, revise it with you and deliver the final video.