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Video as the core

Videos are the most impactful way to promote your project.


In 2018, 79% of ALL internet traffic is video. People just love watching videos because it's an engaging, entertaining way to learn about a project.

Website visitors usually click on videos first! Visitors prefer watching a video over reading text. It's our job to keep them watching.

We do that by creating emotionally compelling stories and driving them home with attractive, flowing animations to draw the viewer in, and keep them glued to the screen.

That way the visitors to your landing page remember what they see, and they stick around for the call to action.

A video with a strong pitch and great production value acts as your calling card and leaves a lasting impression.

Why hypercube video

Internet traffic
Click-through rate
Retention rate
1st page ranking


Earth token

Earth Token is very special to us, a project that aims to preserve the Earth for future generations.


Byzant approached us to create a landing page video that promotes their brand and make traders and investors excited about their platform.

Bread wallet

For Bread Wallet we worked under extra pressure and created a cool promo video that was finished on time for a big event!